Unlike AM or FM, you'll be able to follow WPJC.FM just about anywhere you go. Also known as WiFi radio, our station can be accessed on computers, cell phones, in the car, IPods and on media centers such as the Xbox 360, Playstations and WiFi radios. Best of all, you will be able to catch WPJC.FM whether you're at work, visiting family or working around the house or in the garden. Likewise, WPJC.FM has an exceptional CD sound quality that is better than traditional FM radio stations.

WPJC.FM streams in digital AAC+ Stereo (far superior to FM) allowing you to have the best possible listening experience.  WPJC.FM offers a FREE Music Player that simply “pops” up and starts playing when ever you click on it. WPJC.FM Firewall Proof Stream allows you to listen on Every desktop, laptop…AND EVERY cell phone in the world that accepts streaming. WPJC.FM streams to your Mac or PC with ease.


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