An Internet radio device, also commonly called network music player is a hardware device that autonomously receives and plays music from a computer, Internet radio stations or online music services via the home network.

Internet radio players can bring WPJC.FM to every room of the house in rich, clear, stereo sound. Many Internet players, combines all of the advanced digital music streaming functionality with incredible-sounding stereo speakers, subwoofer, AM/FM radio and alarm clock.

Network music players usually have:

  • Broadband connection: an Ethernet and/or Wi-Fi network interface, with TCP/IP support for access to the Internet
  • USB port , where the user can connect an external MP3 player like iPod or external harddrive for MP3 files
  • LCD display, remote control
  • Built-in amplifier/speaker, or AUX-out port, that can be used to connect to a HiFi or similar audio device
  • Rechargeable batteries for mobility with internal charger integrated
  • Favorite streams & contents can be saved as presets
  • Clock with lighted display, some with alarm settings and auto-time-sync

Some devices also have:

  • Memory card reader: SD or even SDHC card
  • XLR connectors
  • (MP3) stream encryption

You'll need:

  • A high-speed Internet connection
  • A home network
  • A home theater receiver, wireless music player, or other device that’s capable of playing Internet radio stations

You can also listen to WPJC.FM in your home on media centers such as Xbox 360 and Playstations.


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