At Healthy Living Seminars, we know that raising a family today or living the single life is a challenging task. We also know that this is especially true for families and people of color. Likewise we realize that many people desire to improve their outcome or family structure, but may not understand or have the necessary information or resources to effectively impact their lives.  

Here at Healthy Living Seminars, we count is a joy to bring to you our Family Life Blog that contains God’s biblical standards and suggestions for you and your family.  So whether you are single, married, divorce, separated, with/without children, empty nester, widowed or just desire to learn more about the Lord, our Family Life Blog will help guide you through some of life’s most challenging situations.  Enjoy The Family Life Blog and don’t forget to share it with others.    
Family Life Blog topics include: 

  • Stress And African Americans: A Daily Devotion
  • What's Killing African Americans
  • Six Tips For A Healthy Relationship With Your Teenager
  • 10 Steps To Overcoming Pronography
  • Dealing With Sex Offenders: A Tough Topic For Church Leaders
  • AIDS In Black America
  • How To Prevent Yourself From Singing The "Holiday Blues"
  • Saving A Christian Marriage From Divorce: Ten Things You Should Know
  • Stressful Times
  • Domestic Violence: The Problem We Refuse To Face
  • Growing Through Adversity & Plagues
  • Strategies For A Successful Marriage
  • Encouraging Hope For Substance Abusers And Their Families
  • Coping With Chronic Illness With Faith And Prayer
  • Life On A Roller Coaster: Managing Diabetes
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