Why Partner With Us

Churches who desire to increase the importance and exposure of Bible based counseling in the life of their fellowship, encourage their members to be involved in Biblical counseling and create a new or enhance an existing lay Biblical counseling ministry have the resource of becoming a church partner with Healthy Living Seminars.

These are the benefits of becoming a Church Partner:

Advisory Partner

  • 25% Discount on Training Seminar fees is available to all regular attendees
  • 25% Discount on Counseling fees is available to all regular attendees
  • 10% Discount off the retail price of materials in our Book Store is available to the Pastoral Staff
  • Priority scheduling at Healthy Living Seminars
  • Priority phone consultation
  • Representation at Healthy Living Seminars Partner Meeting in April

The fee for the church partnership is:

  • Church Partnership - $10.00 per church active attendee (18 and older) per year

Those churches who wish to be more involved with Biblical Counseling Center also have opportunity in these ways:

  • Church Partnership
    We have something called our Church Partnership. Partnering with HLS is an excellent way to increase the importance and exposures of Bible based counseling in the life of your fellowship, and encourage members to be involved in counseling.
  • Hosting Training Seminars
    Hosting one or all of our seminars or other topical seminars will equip your fellowship to minister to one another. As a Partner Church, you will receive a substantial discount on these seminars.
  • Financial Support
    HLS's counseling fees cover only a portion of our overall costs, and many who come to us are unable to pay for their counseling. As your fellowship catches the vision of our ministry and experiences the benefits, we trust that you will support us financially, whether by an annual Love Offering, through a Benevolence Fund, Missions Gift or other resources within your fellowship.
  • Donors
    Again, we would you ask you to introduce us to those whose financial capabilities are sufficient and whose financial goals can be realized by partnering with Healthy Living Seminars.

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